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I'm number 4! or 3! depending on when you click...
Published on November 5, 2003 By russellmz In Blogging
So I was bored and going through the referrals at the bottom of my articles. I was interested to see that a lot of referrals had my blog site listed fairly high. In one case a site I listed as a great resource was listed below my site. Amazing.

Now I know that google ranking is based on link popularity of a website and not on my skills as a writer. For those of you that don't know what I just said, basically, google weights what results to give you based on what pages have the words you asked it and how many other webpages link to that website. So has millions of links pointing to it. That is why is the top page that appears if you ask google about "yahoo". Now, since my blog is part of, I am leeching off the popularity of The hundreds if not millions of links that now point to cause it to be really popular and rank highly in google. So almost anything I write would show up in google as highly ranked.

Nonetheless, I was immeasurably pleased with myself when I saw this result from google:
I'm number three!
My little ol' article that I made up in a few hours now is the number three (or four, as of my writing) search result in "arguments for the 26th amendment". Craziness! I'm wondering if some hapless high school student is going to put "russellmz" as a source on his American History essay. It is sort of scary that no one wrote down arguments for the 26th Amendment. Here is the link to my article: Universal Suffrage

But hey, that's what the faceless masses bs'ing over break are for, right?

on Nov 05, 2003
Wow, there really is something to this. A quick search of my user name (and just my user name,) on google puts my pathetic little, one pointless entry blog-site at the top of the second page out of 5k+ something results.

That's scary - I don't like being found that easily!!