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I haven't written a thing in over 2 months before tonight.
Published on December 29, 2004 By russellmz2 In Blogging
My blog is number 9 under "Top Blogs". What happened exactly? Can someone tell me what I did, so I can try to do it again? Or at least show me what made my blog popular?
on Dec 29, 2004
If you look through your articles you'll be able to see which ones have the most points, and from that maybe figure out what you did for those points. Take a look at your top articles to start, since those are the ones with the highest points. It's also possible that other bloggers have done things that shuffled their numbers around dropping their numbers and you did nothing to raise in ranking. But I think it's more likely you wrote something really good
Also see The Scoring System, it might be able to explain how points work.
on Dec 29, 2004
thanks for the link.

i am still confused though because i don't know how many of my points were received within the past few weeks. i think my article on some spyware program is the main reason for my jump but i wrote that over a year ago so i can't tell how many points i got off that recently.