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click on states and add up the votes for Dem/Rep
Published on February 6, 2004 By russellmz In Politics
Interactive Electoral Votes Map from some John Edwards site.

Just saw a link to this neat map on another forum. Just click on a state to get it to be "blue" or "red". Automatically counts up the votes to see who will win (270 needed). Not sure if every state's electoral vote is accurate but still fun to play with.

In this scenario, a massive quake causes California to sink into the ocean after Texas successfully secedes from the union. Also, due to a programming error, the New York electronic voting machines reverse all New Yorker votes. A Colorado newspaper incorrectly reports Bush saying he "hated Colorado", when in fact he said he "ate a color door." The Democratic candiate John wins the Midwest by promising to take their guns, but only to use them to execute email spammers. It got unseasonably warm in Alaska and so only a Republican, an Independent, and a Democrat managed to get out and vote. Unfortunately, the Republican met the Independent on the way to the polling station and instead of voting they went out to dinner, eventually geting married and having 5 children (three girls and twin boys).

Election results after the events of Independence Day. In a total surprise move, Texas voted blue, apparently approving of Whitmore being the first post-WWII president to use The Bomb, even if it was on them. The "personally leading the world's victorious independence day counter-attack against genocidal alien invaders intent on harvesting our resources" boost allowed Whitmore to count both environmentalists and loggers among his base.

A surprising low turnout among urban and industrial areas prevented any but the most hardcore Nader and Buchannan voters to go out and vote. Most stay-at-refugee-camp voters stated "trying not to starve to death", "envying the dead", and "avoiding roving bands of telepathic alien crash survivors" as reasons for non-participation.

Due to lack of a 270 electoral vote majority, the House will have to decide on a winner. Having won the popular vote and only there being so few Independents in the House, Whitmore should likely have more than enough votes to stay in office.

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