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An Urban Dead Journal
Published on September 11, 2005 By russellmz2 In Gaming
::::Fri Aug 12, 2005 3:52 am
Sniff...Consumer Scared single mom here. I just left a secured warehouse in Old Arkham. Nothing useful in there, the old crates were empty. I found my old aaa map earlier and have a cell phone but it keeps saying, "OUT OF SERVICE AREA - ROAMING."

Now I'm in St. Luke's hospital. Some vandals have spraypainted "all hail the crimson king." On a hospital in the middle of a crisis! There are lots of people here, though. Thank goodness. Two zombies outside. I don't know if they'll hurt us.

I say, "Thank god. Has anyone see a five year old chinese boy? Brown hair? Skinny? With a blue Stitch/Experiment 626 doll? He's my son." Everyone ignores me and no one responds.

I have no skills other than shopping, never even took a self-defense class. Why won't Bush send in the army to rescue us? Someone please help! I also heard rumors that there are people named "wiley" that are murdering people. It's just horrible.

::::August 13, 2005 11:41 PM2005-08-13 08:41 PM:
Holed up in a pub for the night (ironic since I don't drink). I'm in South Blythville, trying to make my way up north east to Pashenton. Gonna be a long trip. I don't have much. I scrounged up some first aid kits and a pistol clip but with no gun or any weapons skills it's useless. Cell phone still keeps saying, "OUT OF SERVICE AREA - ROAMING". The army is nowhere in sight. Someone please help!

::::August 14, 2005 12:44 AM
Finally got to the Marven Mall. I once bought the Wizard of Oz for my son here. Some survivors are here too. Using my shopping skills I searched the liquor, book, tech, gun, hardware, and sporting goods stores. Only found a GPS unit and a book. But I think the GPS is going to be useful, my map has some GPS numbers on it. Going to stay here the night. Then onward to Pasheton.

:::: Sun Aug 15, 2005 12:34 am
Some guy I barely know said he was heading to Pashenton. His friend said, "I'll make my way towards Pashenton then, I'm in Miltown, which is apparently the bottom left." This was before the main zombie uprising and looting.

Those two are awfully far away. I scrounged up some first aid kits, an extra phone, and a pistol clip but no gun from the mall today. I will try to get near those two. I'm at South Blythville in the lower left according to the map.

:::: Aug 17, 2005 12:00pm
Tired. Trying to get to Pashenton. As good a place as any. Don't know where anyone is. I heard another group was forming up there. Maybe I can join them...

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