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December 31, 2004 by russellmz2
Books for This is a great idea for a site! Right now they are in the middle of a forum re-shuffle, but their We Have Books & DVDs Ready To Ship! forum is open. It is recommended you read their help forum first. They have a lot of rules protecting the privacy of military guys who want some reading material and to make sure packages mailing go smoothly. You must register a forum account before you can see that forum and help out. Getting Started on BFS (a few tips and ...
March 9, 2004 by russellmz2
= FAQ (== How to Take a Screenshot and Other CM Goodness The FAQ is composed of several parts that I posted on the game company's forum using the Ultimate Bulletin Board message posting system. One of the forum moderators (there are only a few company employees) "stickied" the thread so it is always one of the top threads. Galactic Civilizations Unoffical FAQ A copy of my Un-Official FAQ was posted on the official Galactic Civilizations website.