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January 4, 2005 by russellmz2
Been playing around with Gmail. You can't just subscribe, someone has to invite you to get an account. Often you see forums with someone offering or begging for a Gmail account. Don't bother asking me, I gave away most to friends and family and gave one to a random guy on a forum.

Accounts are very in demand since the people at Google are the ones who created Gmail. They offer a gig of free space. This was the main reason that most free email accounts increased their account size limits from ...
March 2, 2004 by russellmz2
Garbage from my Bookmarks/Favorites List. Enjoy.

Create your own South Park Character: make him look like yourself.
Funny thread from another forum I go to: two guys hate each other and everyone else watches the spectacle. Plus, there's an image of dead mimes.
People buy and sell shares of political candidates. Price determined by likelihood of electoral victory.
This guy posts short hilarious reviews under books at
Best internet debate thread...ever.
Swear words in fore...
January 19, 2004 by russellmz
Apparently a 17-year-old named Mike Rowe is getting threatened with legal action because Microsoft of his site, the name out loud). Microsoft offered him ten dollars to transfer his domain name and Rowe refused for less than ten thousand, claiming he had already spent a lot of time and effort on his part-time business, including spending money to print stationary. Microsoft then accused Rowe of making the business just to get bought out from Microsoft and sent him a 25-page ...