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March 13, 2005 by russellmz2
Chart lists which characters managed to cross paths before they were on the island. Weak lines represent weak links. For example Kate and Locke heard of Charlie's band (as no doubt thousands of others did), Jin saw Hurley on TV briefly (as did thousands of others).

A few obscure links that I picked up from various forums like Hurley was on the TV when Jin paid his visit to the Korean minister's home Hurley owns Locke's box company The Lotto Number Calling Girl was...
January 5, 2005 by russellmz2
Saw this lying around in Best Buy after Christmas. Forty bucks for 16,000 pages worth of Amazing Spider-Man comics in PDF format (although it includes adverts). Everything looks pretty good, my only regret is that I bought the first 10-issue Spider-Man collection on CD months ago. Guess I can give that one away. Other reviews complain that there is some crinkling at the edges and yellowing of pages in some of the older issues, but who cares? Everything is highly legible so far.

The only annoy...
March 17, 2004 by russellmz2
Obviously the terrorist threat is an obvious one. But we must not forget the other daily horrors that await us. Horrid, despicable monsters are ready to pounce on America. One day they will rise against us and we must be prepared.

Obviously, I am talking about the ZOMBIE THREATâ„¢. Laugh if you will, but the preview of the first ten minutes of the Dawn of the Dead remake (it was on Monday night at 10:00pm EST on USA network) shows the results of a mass uprising by the dead against the living....